LuTimothy May Sr.

A Born Leader

I am Rev. LuTimothy May Sr., the proud husband of Ebony L. May and father of five wonderful children. Born and Raised in district 3, I am the 10th of 11 siblings. I have over 20 years of service to our community. I’ve learned, in serving others, your motives shouldn’t be self-serving. A lesson in which I have lived and proven through my work with the various volunteer boards and initiatives within our community. I absolutely love our beautiful county. However, I know there is work to do to make us better!  When the Honorable County Commissioner, Marie Young appointed me to the County Commission Board of Adjustments in 2008, she saw something within me that I grew to appreciate. She knew that I truly had a care for the community that was motivated by a strong love to help others.

It is my pursuit to serve the people of Escambia County by running for the office of County Commissioner District 3. I plan to offer representation of Character, Conversations, and Collaboration. I believe that the voices of the people within our communities’ matter. Everyone deserves to have their perspectives respected. It is my firm belief that different doesn’t mean deficient. I’m excited to offer a philosophy which is inclusive and embraces collaboration as a means to make communities stronger. In order for true collaboration efforts to be effective, there must a continuous platform by which conversations are welcomed and respected.

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Why District 3?

It's People Over Politics

Most people ask the big question, WHY DISTRICT 3. It is really a simple, yet profound thing. I am a part of a proud lineage of District 3 residents. My mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather all resided in district 3 before my birth. And like their families before them, they reared me and my siblings, right here in District 3. From kindergarten until the time I went to college, District 3 was home. It was the place I learned the value of hard work, how to pray and treat others with respect, and a strong sense of community. It was where I learned the value of hard work and entrepreneurship from my family that owned a successful taxicab business, grocery store, and apartment building, all in district 3.

District 3 is where I returned after college. It is a place that I am proud of and where I vowed to make a difference. I made a promise to my Godmother and co-Founder of the church that I have Pastored for almost 20 years, that I would return and do all that I could to make it better. It is where my own children spent most of their lives, learning, living, playing, worshiping and growing, yes right here in District 3.

I have developed properties and provided housing in the heart of District 3 for nearly a decade The majority of the people who come to me for assistance are residents of District 3. District 3 is where I feel I'm needed the most. It is a part of my life and I desire to use my life to make district 3 a better community.


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